1957 Corvette

The 56 and 57 incarnation of the Corvette marked the transition into the premier sports car it is today.  What started as a fun fiberglass convertible became a performance roadster.  The design hit a sweet spot, with the introduction of the side coves and the perfect amount of embellishment.
This resto-modification is starting with a very tired 1957 Corvette donor car.  The choice was made to go down the resto-mod path with a car that started with rather pedestrian factory options.  This path allows  the introduction of a high performance engine and transmission, an after market chassis with modern geometry and suspension, while keeping the style of a classic design.  The goal at the end of this evolution is a car that runs like a brand new Vette with the gorgeous lines of an American classic.  


  • Engine: LS376, 4.065" bore x 3.622" stroke, 376 ci (6.2 L) displacement, 10.7 to 1 compression. The aluminum block and heads engine puts out 495 hp, and 473 ft-lbs.

  • Transmission/Transfer Case: SuperMatic 4L70-E,  4 speed automatic, 3.06, 1.62, 1.00, 0.70 gearing.

  • Dimensions and Capacities: 102" wheelbase by 57"/59” tread.  168” overall length, 70.5” width, 51.1" height, 2985 lbs curb weight.

  • Chassis/Suspension: Art Morrison, independent front and rear suspension, C-7 sourced front end suspension

  • Paint and Interior:  PPG paint, custom color TBD,  All metal work powder coated.  Frame powder coated Solar Bronze.

  • More specs to follow.