Blasting Services

Here at AutoCraft we have any and all materials to be able to restore, clean, strip or prepare any surface.  Media blasting is a fast and economical approach to clean metal, remove paint, rust and steel scale.  With our state of the art equipment and a variety of blasting media, we can restore almost anything.  There are many media choices to choose from such as silica, walnut shell, garnet, and baking soda. Our most popular media blend is a walnut shell and aluminum mix. 
Our blasting booth can handle anything up to 12' x 38'.
We focus on automotive blasting, however, we have the ability to blast anything from sheet metal to wood.  Blasting wood brings out the natural texture of the grains leaving behind a weathered or barn wood look. 
Our blasting technicians are very experienced in using various media to prepare surfaces for paint or any other purposes our customers may have.