Abel Lopez

Body Shop Manager

Abel is detail oriented while still able to keep the big picture in mind. He has a love for every customer who walks in the door as well as every team member in the shop.  He is a leader.

Abel is a highly skilled automotive worker. 

Gabi Palomino

Estimator/ Automotive Refinish Technician

Gabi is actively seeking her dream to become a phenomenal painter in the automotive world.  The obstacles she faces such as being a female in an industry dominated by men, do not faze her at all.  She is a rock star when it comes to mixing and matching paint. 

Gabi is filled with knowledge about cars and has a love for the industry that can not go unnoticed. Through her work it is clear that she is living everyday immersed in her passion.

Xander Pichon

Blasting Technician

Xander is filled with drive and is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills.  He has broadened his horizon of knowledge during his time with us and he is becoming better and better everyday.  He understands the value of hard work and has no hesitation in working his fingers to the bone.

Xander has figured out a new method of sand blasting wood which gives a rustic and barn wood like appearance. He is filled with ideas about the future and we believe he has a great career ahead of him.